Plan for Excellence in Pool

(results and current status shown in green text end of year in red text)

2007 Goals:
        a. Qualify for US Amateur Championships and improve results over 2004 (65th)
              Eliminated in the California preliminary rounds, Sept 22
        b. Finish "in the money" in at least 5 tournaments, 8 or 9 ball
              1st place, MVP & Perfect Session (undefeated) in APA 8-ball, August 9
              1st place in Stagecoach 8-ball tournament, September 4
              2nd place in Pacific Q & Billiards 9-ball tournament, August 29
              4th place in Jim's Vista 8-ball tournament, August 30
        c. Earn highest APA skill levels
              Earned Skill Level Seven (highest in 8-ball) in June, 2007
        d. Run 50 balls in straight pool Hi Run = 43
        e. Run 3 racks in 9-ball Hi Run = 2 racks
        f. Run 3 racks in 8-ball Hi Run = 2 racks
              Ran 4 in practice with El Maestro, 2007
        g. Straight/Rotation exercise score of 130+ Score of 139 on 3/14/2007

Long Range Goals (before 2012):
        a. Run 100 balls in straight pool.
        b. Run 7 racks in 9 ball.
        c. Run 5 racks in 8 ball.
        d. Win US Amateur Championship

Plan of Action:

1. Practice - an average of at least 2 hours a day, 5 days a week
        a. Focused practice on my table
                i. The Sorto String
                ii. Straight/Rotation exercise (click for details and Excel score sheet)
                iii. Various shots described in reading/video/DVD/instruction
                iv. "Wagon Wheel" draw practice, by Paul Potier
        b. Practice at area pool halls

2. Education
        a. Reading
               i. Books - click for list
               ii. Magazines - click for list
                     May, 2007, Cancelled Inside Pool Mag, started with Billiard Digest.

        b. Video/DVD "how to" products

        c. Personal Instruction:
               Tony Sorto - one on one, my table
               Guest Instructors - one on one, my table

3. Competition (to get "tournament tough")
        a. Various pool halls click for list
        b. Pro-am challenges whenever/wherever possible (click for story)
        c. Challenge matches

4. Equipment
        a. upgrade equipment as new technology becomes available.
               June 2007, upgraded break cue and tip.
               June 2007, first use of the glove.
               May 2007, upgraded playing attire to collared shirt, req'd in US Amateur championship

5. Mental
        a. self-hypnosis - under the direction of Barry Jones, master hypnotist
        b. visualizations
        c. affirmations
        d. study
        e. meditation

6. Physical
        a. yoga
        b. exercise - beach Frisbee, weights
               April 2007, started treadmill plan.

7. Other
        a. pre-shot routine
        b. pre-match routine
        c. strategy

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