Plan for Excellence in Pool

(results and current status shown in green text)

The Process:
1. Mental Conditioning
        a. self-hypnosis
        b. visualizations
        c. affirmations
        d. meditation and yoga
        e. study
                i. Reading
                ii. Video/DVD "how to" products
        f. Personal Instruction:
               i. "El Maestro" Tony Sorto - one on one, my table
               ii. Guest Instructors
                     1. Scott Lee - May 6, 2008 at FastMikie's Fun House
                     2. Predator Pro Pool School, with Reyes, Bustamante, Hohmann, Robles
                           May 21, 22 in Jacksonville, FL
        g. daily review

2. Physical Conditioning
        a. practice
                i. Recruit a practice assistant Done! 2/29/2008
                ii. Develop a consistent practice routine. Done, March 2008
                iii. Occasional Practice/Tournaments/Matchups at area pool halls.
        b. exercise - treadmill, flexibility exercises, shoulder exercises, beach Frisbee, weights
        c. yoga (breathing and stretching)
        d. upgrade equipment as new technology becomes available.

3. Leverage Activities
        a. write: record keeping, blog and book
        b. video: content for my blog and DVD
        c. help others: mentoring, fund raising for a worthy cause

Possibilities, Near Term (2008-2009):
        a. Qualify for US Amateur Championship
        b. Finish semi-finals or better in several tournaments, (July-September, 2008)
        c. Run 50 balls in straight pool
        d. Run 4 racks in 9-ball
        e. Run 4 racks in 8-ball
        f. Straight/Rotation exercise score of 140+

Possibilities, Medium to Long Range:
        a. Run 100 balls in straight pool.
        b. Run 7 racks in 9 ball.
        c. Run 5 racks in 8 ball.
        d. Win US Amateur Championship

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